Why I wear driving gloves

Driving gloves on steering wheel

Everyone has something they love,

It might be a particular sport, watching a certain television show every Tuesday, smoking crack cocaine or collecting sneakers and never wearing them.

For me it’s driving. I really love driving. Not necessarily competitively or even anywhere in particular. It’s never really even mattered what the car was (mostly).

The simple act of getting in the car, putting on some music and just driving someplace destination unknown has always been something I love.

For me, a trip in the car is my hobby – And like all good hobbies you should invest in the right equipment to enjoy that hobby fully. For driving, that’s a fairly affordable short list: A nice pair of sunglasses, the right shoes and of course a pair of driving gloves.

(Also a fuck load of ludicrously expensive auto parts, an impractical sports car, soft compound tires that wear out quickly, expensive premium petrol, high insurance costs etc etc…)

Some people might tell you that there are technical reasons why you should wear driving gloves – improved grip, reduced hand fatigue over time or that you’ll look cool, but honestly in this day and age those people are probably only saying that because they sell driving gloves.

There’s really no scientific reason to wear gloves in a day and age when steering wheels are heated or you can buy alcantara steering wheel covers for pretty much any car.

Basically you don’t need them. But they do contribute to the overall experience.

I wear mine because regardless if I’m getting in the car for a 40 minute commute to the office, or a full day driving in the mountains, every time I’m behind the wheel it is a ceremony and something to be enjoyed fully.

Right now I’m just over a year into a pair of Porsche lifestyle brand – Mulholland Racer “Delaney” Driving Gloves.

Mulholland Racer Delany Driving gloves

Overall I’m fairly satisfied with them. They’re very comfortable and do feel good on the wheel. They are maybe a bit too big even after I’ve shrunk them down to fit but it’s hard to be critical of anything you buy online unseen.

My hands match the the website specs for “medium” perfectly but I think next time I’d get men’s small or even an extra large woman’s pair. I do acknowledge I have a pianists / Skeletor’s fingers but If you’re buying your first driving gloves you want them to fit nice and tight.

Mulholland Racer certainly are fairly unique in the design (which you can customise to suit) and I have taken advantage of the purposefully red coloured index and middle digits – a point on this though is that over a brief amount of time they have worn quite quickly. I’m glad I stuck with red instead of choosing white to match my car, the index finger is quite discoloured just through daily use and has basically turned black now.

Ordering clothing online is fraught with peril, but if you’re going to get yourself some driving gloves because you can’t find a pair in a store (I looked for months in Australia) then make you get leather (do not get PVC) and that they’re a tight fit in the fingers. Leather is easier to stretch (just wear them) than it is to shrink (cook them with a clothing iron or scalding hot water and dry quickly with a hair dryer).

Also, make sure also you get driving gloves and not dress gloves. The difference is that driving gloves are perforated (full of holes to let your hands breathe) and unlined, vs dress gloves that will likely be completely enclosed and have a wool lining. Depending on the climate you might also consider fingerless or stringbacks (the wheel side is leather, the top half of the glove is cotton mesh – pictured, care of Autodromo.com).

Finally, although they were over a month late in delivery Mulholland Racer did throw in one of their Tees as an apology for the mix up. I can vouch for them, and the two finger thing comes in really handy when you want to let the cyclist AND the Nissan Tiida driver you don’t have time for either of their 12 kilometres an hour shit as you pass both simultaneously on a blind corner of the B83 with a hand and a finger in the air.

Mulholland Racer gloves review


  • Took a long time for the colour to stop running with sweat
  • Design likely to fade / discolour / wear quite quickly if you use them daily
  • A bit bigger than advertised


  • Beautifully presented
  • You can pick your own design from a lot of colour combinations
  • Definitely a high quality construction regarding stitching and fabric selection
  • In my experience, company made a pretty good effort to correct an issue
  • It’s a pretty clear message when you give someone the bird and scream obscenities at them while driving.
  • Comfortable