Classic Throttle Shop – North Sydney

If you’re planning a visit to Sydney any time soon and you want to check out some exotic metal, the best place you can go in Sydney is The Classic Throttle Shop in North Sydney.

I’ve been visiting this place for years and there’s usually always something interesting there to see. They don’t deal in brand new or prewar (usually) but you’ll see everything in between from late model Mclarens to Pre-A 356’s. I think it’s a staging area for some of the cars in and out of the Gosford collection too because it’s hard to imagine seeing more than one La Ferrari and Carrera GT in the state of NSW but they’ve had both of those there this year.

Getting there

Getting to the place is easy, either get a train to North Sydney and walk 2 minutes down the hill (if you think you’re about to get hit by a car coming off the freeway from the harbour bridge you’re getting close) or take a ferry from Circular quay and hop off at Lunar Park and walk up through the park.

The Classic Throttle Shop: 50/64 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney NSW 2060

To prove I’m not a paid shill for these guys I’m going to state for the record there is some ludicrously overpriced shit there some times, but if you’re looking for exotics that can’t even be driven on the countries roads then you’ll find those too.

When I say over priced what I mean is that when you’re in the company of an F40, Jag 220 and DB5 all on the same shop floor it’s probably easy to be tricked into paying 100k for an 911SC with good paint or 19.5K for a 88 Honda CRX because they’re also sitting on that same floor. Actually this place went through a bit of a rut a couple of years ago and it seemed like it was all just SC’s or replica’s of things, but I do think I’ve seen a legit 2.7 RS in there as well though and in their defense, the cars of 2018 have so far been amazing – just last week there was a Porsche 918.

Also they have to make money and a classic 911 is still a good investment, even the once hated 964 is now worth a mint, which gives me the shits because you used to be able to buy a good one for well under 30k in the mid to late 2000’s and now Singer’s are selling for 500k and those have to come from someplace.

Check out their website or stop in and take a look some time,

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