Writer | Traveller | Driver

In 1999 my whole world changed.

That was the year I drove my first Ferrari. A 355 Berlinetta with the manual transmission (in Rossa Corsa and tan – of course).

Before I drove that Ferrari I didn’t have the slightest interest in cars. After that day I could tell you everything about every Ferrari built since the 308 (and basically every other car as well).

Since then I’ve owned a lot of Japanese sport cars including MR2’s, Skylines and CRX’s. I had a 3 Series for a while, which I thought was a piece of shit and today I drive an ND MX5 GT. I like to believe that Ferrari ownership is still a possibility too, although secretly I covet American Muscle a lot more than most people from the southern hemisphere would normally care to admit.

Living in New Zealand and having some health troubles in my 20’s meant that I wasn’t really able to make headway into Ferrari ownership or to travel much, but in my 30’s I’ve managed to make up some lost time. I live in Australia now and travel once or twice a year. On my travels I love to document car collections and museums, scenes and oddities.

I’m going to document my travels here on my blog and Instagram, as well as publish links to books that I write, which is also a hobby of mine.

Feel free to reach out and say hello. If you want a high res picture of something I’ve posted just reach out and if I have it I’ll happily share it with you,